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The Reverse Bang is closed (Sorry for the lateness of the post; still got that finals week brain-death going on) with one last completed work in the archive for you all to enjoy: A Hymn For Whitecap Bay by a_stands_for based on artwork by bug!

Thank you to everyone who participated, and keep an eye on the community for the start of the next regular round of God Tier coming soon!
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This is your final reminder, everyone! Your completed works are due by midnight tonight. You'll have a bit of leeway, as it's your mod's finals week and I'll probably end up passing out well before midnight.

If you finish your works after the deadline you are still free to post them into the collection, but I won't post notifications of them up here in the communities.

Speaking of which, we have two more completed works in the archive! Nothing Sacred/Nothing True by Laylah, based on Terezi/Gamzee drawn by ferrrox (and congratulations to ferrrox for being the first person to have works in both the reverse bang and last year's big bang), and The Watchers and the Seer prunescholar based on sqbr's Aradia vs Rose.
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Warning time, everyone!

We are now about 48 hours away from end of the challenge! Writer's, if you've been procrastinating about getting your work finished up, now's the time to get your butt in gear!

In the meantime, there's a new finished work in the collection for everyone to enjoy, the story is Girl of Evil by hanakoanime, inspired by Superhero Rose and Kanaya by sqbr.
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The Reverse Bang is now open and un-anoned! Congratulations to Bay and masumi_hijiri for having the first piece in the collection, Mother-Daughter Time!

Make sure to keep an eye on the collection in the weeks to come as more completed works arrive.
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A reminder, everyone!

The posting period begins in four days! Hopefully you'll all be fairly close to done by then, because you'll only have until the end of the month to post! If you need some help posting to the AO3, here's a post I put together a couple years ago for the gift exchange; there are just three important differences for the reverse bang:
1) You should post to this collection (Homestuck_Reverse_Bang_12)
2) Instead of (just) being a useful way to let someone else post for you if you're out of town you should use the co-author section to give credit to your media creator or the story's author (depending on which of you is doing the posting). If one of you doesn't have an AO3 account you can credit them in the notes section instead.
3) And there is no recipient.

As one further reminder, authors once you finish the fic for your first claim you can pic another to write for if you feel like you have enough time and another story grabs you. There are two pieces of art that still haven't been claimed by a writer, but this late in the game I am opening the other pieces up to second claims, but please consider whether you could write something for either unclaimed piece first!
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The Reverse Bang's AO3 collection is now open for posting!

Although the official posting period isn't until mid-April, if you finish early you're free to add your completed work to the collection at any time and it will just show up as anonymous and unrevealed in the meantime.

As a reminder, if you don't yet have an AO3 account you can request an invite here.
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Without further ado, the writer's claims period is now underway! Under the cuts you'll find all the art and fsts submitted, to browse through to your heart's content. Writer's, if on calls to you then you just need to sign-up to claim it! As a reminder, by signing up you're agreeing to complete a story that's at least 2500 words long before the posting period ends. With the two week bump forward in the schedule the new posting period will be April 13th-April 30th (which means both that 413-day will still be an important day in the timetable, and that you actually get a few days longer to write than you had in the original timetable because your friendly neighborhood mod has a thing about hitting nice round numbers when they're that close).

As a reminder, once you've finished your first story you can claim another media creation if you still have enough time to complete another 2500 word fic. Claims are assigned on a first-come first-serve basis; multiple authors won't be able to claim the same piece until each piece has been claimed once, so you want to get here early if you want to make sure you get your first choice!

If you want to claim a media creation just fill out the following form in the comments:

Your Name: (Preferably on AO3)
Your email address:
Your Top Three Media Piece Choices: (You'll be assigned your first choice that doesn't already have a writer)
Choice #1:
Choice #2:
Choice #3:

The fanart! )

The FSTs! )

Finally, in case there's anyone whose internet is too slow for them to want to load a whole post full of images, here's text links to everything.


1. Gamzee and Terezi: Hatetouch Claimed!
2. Mother Daughter Time Claimed!
3. Tree Pirates Claimed!
4. Bronies Claimed!
5. Eridan and Feferi: Depart Claimed!
6. Ungulates! (NSFW due to sex) Claimed!
7. Lovecraft on a Sunday Afternoon Claimed!
8. John and Karkat: Lounge Claimed!
9. Aradia vs Rose Claimed!
10. Miracles Claimed!
11. Crushing Embarrassment Claimed!
12. Whitecap Bay Claimed!
13. Superhero Rose and Kanaya Claimed!
14. wow gay (NSFW due to gorn)
15. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)


16. Can I Get An Encore? Claimed!
Theme: Calmasis
1. They Gave You A Heart, They Gave You A Name - Ladytron
2. State Run Radio - Lupe Fiasco
3. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 3) - Pink Floyd
4. Complaint Department - Lykke Li
5. Hallowed Be Thy Enemy - Wax Audio
6. Hunting for Witches (Crystal Castles Remix) - Bloc Party
7. Unstoppable - Santogold
8. Encore - DJ Danger Mouse
9. When I’m Small (RAC Mix) - Phantogram
17. See the whole of me igniting Claimed!
Theme: Rose/Horrorterrors
Tracklisting: 1. Eleanor - Cake Bake Betty
2. The Sweetest Chill - Siouxsie & The Banshees
3. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) - Florence + The Machine
4. Vessel - Zola Jesus
5. Violet - Hole
6. Shadowboxer - Fiona Apple
7. Everything I Cannot See - Charlotte Gainsbourg
8. Blinding - Florence + The Machine
9. Your Weak Hands - Azure Ray
18. TG: you dont even let me say your dad is hot even though we both know he way the fuck is Claimed!
Theme: love with an age difference
Tracklisting: 1. Richard's Dad - meonplaystheguitarr
2. Light My Candle - RENT Original Broadway Cast
3. Young Girl - Gary Puckett & The Union Gap
4. Falling For You - Weezer
5. Don't Stand So Close to Me - The Police
6. Another Day - RENT Original Broadway Cast
7. Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number - Aaliyah
8. You're Just a Baby - Belle & Sebastian
9. Hands Clean - Alanis Morissette
10. Our Ages Or Our Hearts - Roberta Flack
11. Recessional - Vienna Teng
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Hello again everyone!

It's a few hours yet before I will really be free for the day, but while I have a moment to spare I wanted to stop leaving everyone hanging. The writers claims post will be up tonight.

Media creators, I do randomize the order of entries, so for those of you who submitted more than one creation this is just a heads up not to be surprised when they aren't grouped together in the claims post.
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This is your final warning, media creators!

You have a little under three hours left to join in before sign-ups close!

AO3 Invites

Mar. 3rd, 2012 01:01 pm
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Okay! I've got the new set of invites I was waiting on so...

If you need an AO3 invite, request it here! At least one member (preferably both) of each media creator-writer team should have an account for posting. If you need one just comment on this post with your email address (comments are screened so you don't need to worry about anyone else seeing it) and I'll send one straight to you.


Mar. 3rd, 2012 01:01 pm
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Just a reminder everyone:

Media creators, you have a little more than a day and a half left to sign-up! Again, it can be something that you've already posted elsewhere, but if it's a new work it doesn't need to be absolutely complete as long as it's reached a point where it's clear to the viewer what's going on there.

We're doing better this time (there will be media creations to post this time!) but we could always use more!
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Since it's come up, here's one other reminder for media creators!

Your works don't actually need to be complete until the posting period at the end of April. If you're making something new what you need to have submitted by the fourth is a rough version that's complete enough for it to be clear to the authors what's going on in your piece when they're picking out works.
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I've gotten a few responses and they've pretty much all said the same thing, so option 2B it is!

Media creators, you have an additional two weeks from today to sign-up, which means your submissions should now be in my 11:59 PM EST on March 4th. Additionally, you are allowed to submit works that you've previously put up on Deviantart/tumblr/tindeck/*insert appropriate site for type of media you create here*.

Also, you weren't actually disallowed from making multiple submissions but now I'm gonna outright say: just like authors can claim another another piece after they've finished a story (or, flipping it around, just like you media creators can claim another story after you've finished your piece(s) for the first one in the main round), you can submit another work after you're done with your first one. Or just copy and paste the work information bits multiple times in your sign-up and turn them all in at once. But please limit yourself to a maximum of three submissions; it be fair to the other media creators if the vast majority of works authors had to pick from came from one person emptying out their art folder.

(Authors, in case your wondering, yes that does mean that if you have time to write more than one complete 10k+ word story during the big bang proper you can sign-up with more than one. But if you do I'm incredibly jealous.)

For the sake of getting this thing off the ground this time, please signal boost the challenge if you have any friends who might want to get involved! I'd especially be grateful to anyone mentioning it on tumblr, since I know a large portion of the media-creating side of fandom hangs out there but Mod herself does not tumbl.

Media Creators, Sign-up Here!
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I'm sorry to any writers who've been watching the community since yesterday waiting to sign up! But I'm sad to say that there were no media creator sign-ups, so there's nothing to post.

This is my own fault as much as anything else; my schedule turned out to be way more hectic than I was expecting this past month and I didn't have the time to keep making reminder posts and advertise as much as I usually do with a challenge.

I've got three options for y'all to weigh in on now:

1) Give up on the idea for now, and try again next year. It's disappointing for anyone who was looking forward to the challenge, but so it goes.

2) Push the schedule back two weeks in the hopes that some people did start media creations, but forgot to finish them and do a quick advertising push around to remind people that this thing exists in case they want to get in on it. On the downside anyone just hearing about it would get a very truncated amount of time to work in, but on the other hand that happens if you come into a challenge late anyway! The plus is that this wouldn't end up messing up the schedule of anything else.
Actually, let's add in option 2b) Push the schedule back two weeks, and allow media creators to submit a previously completed work that they'd like to see fic based on. Although I'd prefer to have everything created new for the challenge, even more than that I'd prefer there be a challenge at all and I'm sure most writers wouldn't care if a piece of art isn't brand-spanking-new as long as it inspires them.

3) Give the media creators a whole other month to work, because your mod really did drop the ball on keeping this thing rolling. I'll be honest, this is my least favorite option because it would mean pushing the start of the main big bang back, and that in turn would lead to an overlap in the end period of the big bang and the start of the fic exchange, but I'd be willing to do it if there are a good amount of media creators who are sure they'd get something done on time this time.

Please discuss in the comments what you'd all prefer!
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It's late in the day, but media creator sign-ups for the reverse bang are now open! If you missed the earlier post, you can read a quick FAQs I put up about what's expected of you right at that link. The most important part for the moment is that if you sign up you'll be expected to complete one new media piece (you can't submit an art piece you've already made to see what someone would write for it, and shouldn't post it elsewhere until the posting period) by April 13 30th, with a rough that's at least 3/4ths complete submitted to me before February 15th March 4th.

Your name on AO3:
Your email address: This will not be shared with anyone besides your author.

Title of your work: You don't need to give your piece one, but putting anything at all here would make is stand out a little in a list full of 'Untitled 1, Untitled 2's
Link to your work: You don't need to have this right now, but if you're signing up after finishing you can just put this in now. If your work is visual the link should go to the image, an FST's download should go to a .zip of the songs, and if it's an original song you can put the file on a download site or upload it to the music streaming site of your choice.
Unlike with author sign-ups for the regular big bang I do need to have a version of your piece that is at least 2/3rds complete before author claims start, so the author's can see what they're claiming.

The theme of your song or FST if your submission is musical: The character/pairing/situation/etc. you had in mind while putting it together.
The songlist: if you made an FST.

Copy and Pasteable version beneath the cut )
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Okay, everybody! I let the poll run through the new year (once it became clear that the start of January wasn't going to win the start date so I didn't need to start up sooner), and we got a strong consensus for each option in the poll!

Media creator sign-ups/creation period will start on January 15th. Like with writer sign-ups in the big bang, you will be allowed to sign up all through the (one month) creation period, so you can wait until you're sure you'll be done in time before joining. Unlike the regular big bang, you'll actually need to send me either your piece or a link to it by the due date to have your work put up for writer claims (an author can't very well claim your work if they can't see it!)

Media creation sign-ups end on February 15th. On the 16th I will put up a post with all the media works posted for writer claims. Writers, claim a media piece that inspires you and write fic for it! The minimum word requirement is 2500 words. You can only claim one piece at a time, but if you finish your story with enough time left over you're free to pick another!

Writers get a month and a half to work before posting starts. Which gives us a nice neat fandom-related date to end on! Posting will occur between March 31st and April 13th.

Quick FAQ with more details under the cut )
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Now that we're getting close to the end of the year, some of you might remember something I mentioned at the end of the big bang about holding a reverse bang in early 2012.

A reverse bang, for those who don't know, gives the media creators a little more focus, and also gives writers who do better with oneshots than longer works a chance to get in on the fun.

Media creators go first, with the same minimum requirements as you had in the big bang (seen here) and keeping in mind that the piece you're creating should give a writer something to inspire them; a headshot of one of the characters looking exactly the way they always do wouldn't give someone much to work with! Once you're done you email your piece to me, and when the media creations due date comes I put them all in a big post for writers to skim over, writers you pick one that inspires you to claim and write a fic based around that piece with a smaller minimum word count than you had for the big bang.

For anyone who thinks they might be interested in participating, I've put up a poll for ironing out the details.
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The exit poll for this year's big bang is up! please fill it out if you signed up this year (even if you didn't finish your work on time), it will help me work out how to make next year run even better!

Even if only four people were able to get their work completed on time this year, I'm proud to say that between us we put 131,905 new words of fic (that's over five hundred pages!) and nine new pieces of art into the fandom, which looks pretty good to me!
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The Big Bang is now closed, with two final stories in it!

No Glory Descends
and Construction (The Girl in the Machine)

Congratulations to everyone who finished your works on time! In a day or two I'll put up an exit poll for feedback on how we might make next year even better, but for right now I'll just give everyone the time to enjoy the beefy stories that have been posted. :)

And stay tuned for the beginning of next year when the reverse bang (media creators make their creations first, then writers write something based around one) will start up!
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This is your final, final, final warning everyone! Completed works should be in the collection by midnight tonight, although if you slip in before I have time to get to the computer tomorrow I'll pretend not to notice the timestamps. If you finish after the deadline you are still free to post to the challenge collection--you did do all that work for it, even if you couldn't slip in on time!--but notice of it won't be posted here. And if you're finished but the person you're collaborating with isn't feel free to post your part alone for now, they can add theirs later.

So far, one new story has been added to the collection: Clockwork Little Happiness (which also has an FST here). There was a minor mess up with it where the second chapter was left as a draft for a few minutes after everything was posted, so if you already started reading and missed the origin chapter for Equius you might want to go back.

I'll be waiting anxiously to see what other people accomplish!
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